Shipping & Returns

Due to the weight and size of the rigid insulation products that we carry, shipping costs are always a concern.  Here at Insulation Supply, we are constantly working with our freight carriers and logistics companies to keep freight costs as low as possible.  Freight prices are only for the cost of getting your order to you as quickly and safely as possible.  There is no markup on freight charges. We also practice state of the art shipping and packaging methods to make the freight easier for you and the freight carriers to handle, and at the same time protecting it from any damage that may occur.  All of these factors go into making your freight charges as low as possible.

Truck Freight FAQs

Will the truck driver unload my order for me?

Unfortunately, no.  The truck drivers just drive the truck and move the freight to the trailer door.  It is your responsibility to provide a way for getting freight from the trailer door to the ground.  At the time you place your order you can request liftgate service to assist you in getting the freight out of the truck and down on the ground. 

How much does liftgate service cost?

The price of liftgate service can range from $40.00 to $125.00 depending on the freight carrier used.  The exact amount can be determined at the time the freight is quoted.

Will I be notified of my delivery date and time?

For residential deliveries the freight carrier will usually call ahead to schedule your delivery. It is a good Idea to track the progress of your shipment to make sure delivery is not attempted without prior notification.  For commercial customers it is necessary to provide your business hours for the driver to attempt delivery during these hours. If a commercial delivery requires a delivery appointment, then the freight carrier may charge a scheduling fee.

Will I be able to track my shipment?

Yes, we will provide you with the tracking information from the freight carrier when your order is shipped out.  It is a good idea to track your shipment up until delivery, to make sure your order is not early or delayed.

Can I give special instructions for delivery?

Yes.  Any instructions you may have for delivery can be noted on the Bill of Lading when the shipping is arranged.

My company has an account with a national carrier, can I ship my order using my own account?

Yes, all we need is the name of the carrier and your account number, and we can arrange everything from there.

What determines if an order must be shipped by Truck Freight?

As a rule of the thumb the maximum size for FedEx or UPS Ground is 24” wide x 96” long x 9” tall, if you order is larger than that, then it must go by truck Freight.

Can you cut the insulation down to a smaller size to reduce shipping cost?

If you plan on cutting the insulation into smaller pieces when you receive it, limited rough cuts can be made to reduce the size of the material so they may be able to be shipped by Fed Ex or UPS Ground instead of truck freight.  These cuts are not precise cuts if you need precise cuts then custom cutting charges can be quoted to you at time you place your order. Please provide a minimum size for the cuts to be done in writing and a shipping quote can be given for the smaller size.

Method of Transport
Our products are shipped via third party from a variety of brokers. We will ship to any identifiable address in the North American continent. Due to the size of rigid foam boards, most all shipments are sent via an LTL freight carrier. Arrival times will directly correlate to your distance from our Tallmadge, OH factory. Generally expedited shipping options are not available or would be cost prohibitive.

Damaged Product
Due to the fragile nature of foam we adhere to the following terms:
If your product appears damaged upon delivery, you must decline your full or partial order at delivery in order to receive credit and/or a refund.

Return Policy
We will happily accept returns of any unused foam boards granted they are not damaged in any way. You are responsible for the return shipping fees and proper packaging/securing of unused product if applicable. Unopened bundles may be returned as is.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We stand behind our product. Enjoy a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all standard & custom insulation board as part of the Insulation Supply’s promise to you. If your purchase of rigid foam sheathing from Insulation Supply is damaged or incorrect in any way, we’ll happily offer a refund. Offer excludes all clearance items.

What if I have any questions after my order has shipped?

If you have any questions after your order has shipped, just call us at 1-844-446-7858.   We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Freight Disclaimer

Please note: Any changes made to any truck freight shipment by the customer after the freight is shipped are the sole responsibility of that customer including but not limited to all fees associated with delivery, transportation, and storage of the freight.