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  • ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam All Season 24 0z

ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam All Season 24 0z


Owens Corning® ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam All Season Sealant is a multi-purpose one-component polyurethane foam designed specifically to fill and seal cracks, crevices, and smaller cavities on fl at or irregular surfaces. The formulation was specifically designed for extreme temperature and low humidity conditions.


• 24 oz. can of a one component polyurethane
• Interior/exterior use
• Tack free in 5-10 minutes
• Cuttable in less than an hour
• Fully cured within 24 hours depending upon moisture and temperature conditions
• Can be sanded, painted or stained once cured
• Will adhere to most building materials (exceptions: Tefl on® , silicone, oils and greases, mold release agents, and similar surfaces)
• Water resistant and will not harm electrical wire insulations, rubber, PVC, CPVC, polyethylene, or other plastics
• Requires a reusable dispensing unit for metered applications Standards, Codes Compliance
•Works in cold winter climates or high desert heat

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ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam All Season

Standards, Codes Compliance

• Complies with AAMA Document 812-04
• UL Classifi ed–File # R26533 Caulking and Sealants
• NFPA 30B Classifi cation: Level 2 Aerosol Preparation for Use
• Read instructions for dispensing gun and foam sealant, included with each product, before starting
• Clean dust, grease and oil from surfaces to be foamed
• Cover surrounding surfaces that are not to be foamed
• Shake can well before attaching dispensing gun
• Screw can onto the dispensing gun until it will not go any further. Do not over tighten
• Grip the can and dispensing gun with both hands and shake well


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ProPink ComfortSeal™ Gun Foam All Season Product Data Sheet